Recruit top candidates, fully develop those talents 

and provide effective strategies for managing 

your human capital!


For optimal talent acquisition, organizational development and human resource management within your organization.

Talent acquisition

The MPO Program is the cornerstone of our talent acquisition solution, supporting organizations in the selection and integration of highly performing individuals.

A winning talent acquisition solution that allows you to:

»  Effectively determine the required behavioral traits for any open positions
»  Establish in-depth candidate personality profiles
»  Compare each candidate’s compatibility with your positions
»  Identify candidate potential and competencies
»  Study team compatibility and complementarity
»  Assess degree of job integration


MPO serves as an invaluable resource in succession planning and in developing the potential of your managers and their teams.

MPO as a core element of your organizational development strategies… transforming your organization means:

»  Grasping the nuances of individual behavioral traits
»  Understanding people’s needs and motivational requirements
»  Perceiving and developing innate competencies
»  Perfecting management and leadership skills
»  Consolidating and mobilizing your teams
»  Providing support in career mapping and succession planning


Talent Management

The quality of leadership in an organization is directly linked to motivation and performance. MPO helps put managers at the top of their game.

Give your leaders the best support available by helping them to:

»  Know how employees see their jobs
»  Understand motivation levels and their determining factors
»  Recognize different work attitudes
»  Emphasize skill development
»  Carry out effective job coaching
»  Cultivate potential
»  Create efficient teamwork environments