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Management Software.

Let MPO Human Resource Solutions optimize your human capital management processes.

MPO (Management and Performance in Organizations) was designed and based predominantly on Industrial Psychology principles in order to enhance your organization’s performance.

The HRM software is comprised of 4 distinct solutions that combine to cleverly deliver a comprehensive strategy for talent acquisition, management and development. 

4 tools aimed at 1 single goal: Galvanizing your human resources!

» MPO Personality
» MPO Talent
» MPO Communication
» MPO Satellite

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MPO Personality

This MPO tool assesses employee or candidate personality with great accuracy. The HRM software can then compare the complete range of personality traits with any potential job openings within your organization.

With the help of a single, comprehensive questionnaire, MPO Personality carries out an accurate analysis of all the key factors involved in personality assessment:

» Originality of Thought
» Emotional Spontaneity
» Assertiveness
» Extroversion
» Pace
» Structure
» Adaptability

With MPO Personality, find out whether you’ve put the right people in the right jobs and everyone clearly understands the behaviors required for the position they’re in.

MPO Talent

Using Ngenio’s exclusive questionnaire and advanced data analytics, MPO Talent takes organizational performance to the next level by cleverly discerning individual talents.

This MPO solution covers 46 distinct talents to determine candidate and employee potential in order to greatly facilitate the recruiting process for you.

It also helps optimize productivity by distributing each task based on a comprehensive analysis process that compares an individual’s talents to a position’s pre-determined competency requirements. Skill Development has never been this easy!

MPO Communication

Communications is always smoother when a foundation has been laid for mutual understanding. MPO’s HRM software solution is specifically designed to make this happen for you!

Improve upon the quality of exchanges among team-members and foster constructive communication in your business setting through the MPO Communication tool.

This MPO solution helps employees get to know each other’s profiles and better understand the range of communication styles out there. Minimizing conflict in the workplace is the goal.

Integrate this MPO solution to foster more constructive communication and enhance teamwork for your people.

MPO Satellite

MPO allows you access to a set of human resource tools to address all facets of human capital management.

With MPO Satellite, you cover everything related to employee selection and retention processes via a single module. This streamlined version of MPO Personality is particularly suited to high-turnover businesses.

This specific solution was designed to increase team motivation and engagement, aiming to help you keep your top performers and save you recruiting time.

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MPO makes human resource management simple – thanks to its accurate and comprehensive reports that provide concrete, easy-to-use data. All 4 MPO solutions serve as precious tools to help any business move to the next level.