MPO Training: Have a lasting impact

by becoming a key HR advisor

MPO Training: optimize your organization’s talent management programs

Training Programs offered by MPO (Management and Performance in Organizations) will help you integrate our solutions more effectively within your organization.

» MPO Personality
Develop expertise in interpreting personality survey results and understanding foreseeable employee and candidate behaviors. Get the right people in the right jobs and become a people management maverick!

» MPO Talent
Pinpoint current and future staff’s natural talents, establish the necessary skills for specific positions and build personal development plans. You’ll be all set to bring your people to new heights!

» MPO Communication
Assist team members in gaining a better understanding of each other’s natural communication style and their interpersonal interaction tendencies. Build more communicative and collaborative teams where people can reach their full potential!

Who does MPO Training benefit?

» HR Professionals
» Management
» Consultants
» Anyone involved in organizational development