28 May 19
How A Trip To The Airport Helped Me Explain Talent

How a trip to the airport helped me explain talent

While on the drive to the airport I was involved in a conversation with a former client, now friend, that had invested in a small start-up firm.   He commented that he was concerned that the young entrepreneur, whose business he had invested in, lacked the talent needed to lead the organization.  I responded by asking did he know he actually lacked the talent for leadership or did he actually lack competency for leadership.   My friend gave me that half head…

23 Dec 10
Impact Of Personality On Organization Results

Impact of personality on organization results

Impact of personality on organization results: Ngenio launches MPO, a measuring instrument built to increase performance Using its new personality assessment and management program, Ngenio facilitates North American organizations to build more effective teams. An Instrument for Leaders Ngenio is proud to announce the introduction of MPO (Management and Performance in Organizations), its new personality assessment and management program. Developed by a team of Canadian and American researchers, MPO is one of the few instruments measuring personality to have been…

28 Mar 10
Berg Drywall’s President Talk About The Positive Effects Of MPO

Berg Drywall’s President talk about the positive effects of MPO

President of Berg Drywall, Randy Schneewind, talked about the positive effects the MPO tool has had since the partnership began in July of 2010. “As President of Berg, it is my responsibility to set the strategic initiatives for the company, and to provide an environment for my team to succeed both in our office, and on the job sites.  While we are obviously focused on products and services, I believe that the most important thing to the success of our…