Find the best talent

Assess potential

Develop competencies

MPO: Unparalleled human resource management software that makes talent management a priority!

All your personnel and workforce management can come together on MPO (Management and Performance in Organizations). More than a simple HRM software, its assessment tools provide precious information to help you hire the best talent, work on competency development and optimize management efforts.

Whether you are looking to recruit better, have people perform better or retain staff better, the MPO Program has just what you need!

MPO comes equipped with 4 distinct solutions to provide you with comprehensive psychometric reports.

Explore our 4 distinct solutions:

» MPO Personality assesses the various facets of an individual’s personality for work purposes

» MPO Talent builds an overview of an individual’s talents

» MPO Communication pinpoints a person’s communication style and interactive dynamic

» MPO Satellite covers candidate selection for entry-level or high-turnover jobs

And with MPO’s unique questionnaire, businesses can fulfil multiple human resource objectives at once with such an exceptional tool on hand.  

Acquire New Talent

MPO can optimize the candidate selection and integration process to identify valuable candidates. Here are some of the tasks our HRM software covers:

» Set the required competencies for a specific job opening
» Determine a candidate’s talent and potential profile in relation to a specific position
» Identify a candidate’s potential behaviors
» See how a candidate’s profile fits with other employees
» Assess a candidate’s level of job integration

Develop Talent

Optimizing employee potential requires competency development planning.  

With MPO, you have every possible tool at your fingertips to truly develop staff potential in any department. Once integrated into your HR development strategy, here are some examples of what MPO software can help you achieve:

» Target which exact competencies to develop in line with specific job requirements
» Support career mapping and succession planning efforts
» Better understand employee motivations and needs
» Pick up on nuances in employee behavior
» Consolidate and mobilize teams
» Pinpoint and develop competencies
» Develop management and leadership styles

Manage Talent

Employee performance and retention requires a healthy approach to both potential and needs.  

Generally speaking, workplace motivation and employee wellbeing/satisfaction stem directly from managerial skills. MPO will help you and your managers to:

» Equip your leaders with tools in order to adapt their management styles to various employee types
» Build solid work teams
» Give effective coaching
» Develop staff to full potential
» Understand individual strengths and set personal goals
» Foster skill development
» Understand how employees perceive their jobs
» Assess employee motivation levels
» Be familiar with each staff member’s specific attitudes

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Why choose MPO as your HRM Software?

Managing staff effectively is a core concern for any business to prosper.

Created by industry professionals and human capital advisors, MPO supports sound decision-making.

Reap the full benefits of bringing a powerful human resource management software on board:

» Quick, concrete results
» Easy-to-interpret data
» Thorough and accurate reports
» Cloud-based software
» Dedicated, easy-to-reach support technicians

No matter what your human resource management objectives are, MPO will help you get there!

MPO Gives You More!

Beyond the core benefits of working with one of the best HRM software tools on the market, MPO also includes supplementary tools for you:

» The Job Satisfaction Survey: Measure employee satisfaction

» Right Match: Pick the right person for the right position at a glance!

» Multigraph: Build high-performance teams!

» Jobs: Clearly define position requirements within your organization.