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Impact of personality on organization results

Impact of personality on organization results: Ngenio launches MPO, a measuring instrument built to increase performance

Using its new personality assessment and management program, Ngenio facilitates North American organizations to build more effective teams.

An Instrument for Leaders

Ngenio is proud to announce the introduction of MPO (Management and Performance in Organizations), its new personality assessment and management program. Developed by a team of Canadian and American researchers, MPO is one of the few instruments measuring personality to have been created from representative samples of North American English and French speaking people. Specially designed to enable leaders to quickly understand their employee’s personalities, MPO seeks to maximize the performance of teams and organizations.

Quick and Effective

Able to identify an individual’s personality within 20 minutes, MPO stands out from competitors by its ease of use, and speed to obtain high quality results.  MPO’s research team developed a program and questionnaire based on lexicology, which greatly accelerates the time of administration. The program is managed through a simple and intuitive web application which generates instant graphs and written reports.

Full Training

Unlike many psychometric instruments, MPO is designed for leaders. As such, the training focuses on the relationship between individual personality, perceived behavior and the impact based on the combined results. Quickly, leaders can acquire the necessary knowledge to properly use a powerful psychometric instrument, which can significantly improve their results.

A Multitude of Applications in Organizations

MPO is a tool which focuses on three broad categories in organizations: hiring and selection, organizational development and team management” said Patrick Côté, Ngenio’s President. He added: “Since our launch in July of 2010, more than fifty American and Canadian businesses of all sizes have adopted this instrument. This illustrates the tremendous need in the market for this type of quality solution, and highlights the relevance of our product. ”

The Customer Support Specialists

Customers using the MPO instrument can expect exceptional service and support by the Ngenio network of certified MPO representatives in the United States and Canada. Ngenio Distributors, Partners and Consultants are highly skilled, and must undergo rigorous training and evaluation to obtain certification.

Ngenio, a North American Company, Soon to go Global!

Mr. Cote says, “For months we worked to develop a distribution network internationally. We are thrilled with our progress, as we have already opened a U.S. subsidiary in Minneapolis, and signed four new distributors in Canada and the United States. Furthermore, negotiations have begun with potential partners in France, to begin our European expansion in the very short term. Development opportunities are enormous and we are beginning a great adventure. ”

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